The principles of a good closet

If you are starting to build your closet as an adult woman, it is ideal that you follow some basic principles.

Prioritize quality when buying clothes, it is better to make a long-term investment and buy quality clothes. Pieces that can last you for more than one season. Also, take into account the variety, and choose to mix basic pieces with some that are trendy.

When buying, consider the function of the clothes, because your clothes need to be practical, that is, comfortable, and easy to wear. But you should also look for nice clothes that look good.

Likewise, consider versatility, you won’t need too many pieces in your closet, you just need clothes that work for multiple occasions and seasons. We also want to highlight how basic it is that what you buy goes with your personality, the style that should be a reflection of who you are.

3 tips to be a fashion expert

If you want to be a fashion expert you must know how to mix colors, combine patterns and use accessories well. All this will be basic for a fashionable look.

Learn how to mix colors

Knowing how to mix colors is basic, you can go a little out of your usual color palette and look good. We show you some mixtures that will favor you, know the color wheel, and how to use it.

  • Neutrals: some neutral colors are ivory, nude, beige, gray‚Ķ When using these tones it is important to choose the shades. For example, if gray has cool undertones, wear it with blue presses instead of red.
  • Monochromatic: such as purples, lavender, lilac, and violet. They are all shades and tones of one color hue. What you should do is vary the shades to look good.
  • Complementary: such as blue or salmon. They are ideal colors to create a color block or contrast look. On the color wheel, they are opposites.
  • Triad: for example, blue, red, and yellow. They are three colors that are equal distances from each other.
  • Analogous: such as yellow, orange, and red. These are color schemes that are next to each other on the color wheel. If you choose orange tones for clothing, prefer red and yellow accessories.

Recommendations on colors:

  • Use the same shade family. For example, pastel with pastel, earth tones with earth tones, etc.
  • Use the color wheel to find complementary colors, which actually mean opposites. Like black and white. You can combine, for example, a pale yellowish green (which is a shade towards the center of the wheel) with a complementary color from the outside, such as a dark purple.
  • Different shades of the same or similar colors almost always look good.

Use patterns

Maybe you haven’t been brave enough to introduce patterns into your closet – don’t keep wasting your time and take advantage of them! To do this you must follow certain rules:

The first thing is to choose a color base so that your look looks consistent. This will help you to unite the different patterns.

Also, take into account that animal print, especially leopard print is considered neutral in the world of patterns, so you can combine it with others such as floral, stripes, or dots, to give it a special touch. Another neutral pattern is stripes, which go with just about anything. For more tips and information you may check Sitejabber community reviews on Temu.

Look at textures and depth to assemble any look. Also, consider contrasting patterns, mixing soft florals with thick stripes, to name one example.

Learning to use patterns as elements of your outfit is not complicated, you just need to lose a little fear. If you are a beginner you can start with the basics, replace your unicolor shirt with a soft patterned one and wear it with small plaid pants.

A good option is to work with reverse colors. For example, wear a black jacket with white stripes, along with white pants with black stripes.